Whiteley: Meadowside Leisure Centre


Close to Whiteley shopping centre, join us for free Sunday morning yoga at Meadowside Recreation Ground, behind the Leisure Centre, Whiteley Way, PO15 7LJ.


9.30am – 10.30am every week from Sunday 5th May to Sunday 15th September.



There are 1,300 free car parking spaces across 7 car parks. You may park in any car park with the exception of the Meadowside Leisure Centre and Marketplace car parks. Heading North Meadowside Leisure Centre and the football pitches can be found a short 2-minute walk from these car parks.


  • Public toilets are available nearby in the shopping centre and also in the Leisure centre.
  • There is a children’s play park located about 300m from the recreation ground.
  • Whiteley Shopping Centre has restaurants, a supermarket, cinema and many shops for those who wish to explore after park yoga


Meet your instructor: Mel

Hi, I’m Mel

I’ve practiced yoga for around the past 13 years. I started practicing with my teacher when she began teaching outside in my local park. I used to be able to do the splits and headstand when I was younger so my initial yoga goal was flexibility and strength to allow me to continue doing those. However over the years, yoga has become SO much more.

Yoga became time for myself to completely switch off, slow down and de stress, especially when I’ve faced challenges at work or I’ve gone through difficult life events. I see yoga as a release but also as an important tool, to check in with how I’m really feeling.

My journey towards becoming a teacher began in 2019, when I took my first 200 hour teacher training. I wanted to share my experience and love of yoga with other people. Qualifying at the beginning of the covid pandemic posed the problem of not being able to teach in person. My teaching career started outside and then on Zoom. For a couple of summers I taught outside a lovely historic castle.

I’ve always loved the great outdoors so combining this and yoga was really exciting. I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of Park Yoga.

I generally teach a hatha flow style of yoga, but also yin and restorative (slower and deeper stretches) incorporating pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.

Yoga for me know is about self-care, slowing down in a busy world, listening to my body, appreciating my body’s capabilities but also it limits. It’s difficult to describe how yoga makes you feel as everyone is different. However, I can say, both in my teaching years and personal practice, I’ve never come across anyone who hasn’t loved it.