Plymouth: Devonport Park


Free outdoor yoga held at the new location of Devonport Park.


9.30am – 10.30am every Sunday morning from 5th May to 15th September.


Meet your instructor: Jade

My name is Jade and I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years. My aim is to inspire and empower people to lead healthy, happy and connected lives.

I believe that healthy, happy people are at the core of strong, resilient communities. I use the ancient wisdom of yoga to support people to manage and maintain a healthy lifestyle, for themselves and the people around them, by connecting our heads (thoughts), hearts (feelings) and hands (actions).

When I’m not teaching yoga on the sea and land I am playing with my son and dogs, meeting family and friends, swimming in the sea, dancing in nature or reading articles and writing papers as a PhD student. I am incredibly excited about bringing Park Yoga to Plymouth and cannot wait to meet every single one of you.



Park Yoga Plymouth is kindly supported by the Argyle Community Trust.