We hope participating in Park Yoga will encourage you to be more active (in whatever way) and feel good .

Running Park Yoga costs money. We have grand plans to expand Park Yoga all around the UK and are working on how to make it sustainable. Park Yoga is now a charity . It is supported by the Fine Family Foundation, but as it grows it’s important to build in other ways to fund it. We hope that you may be able to help us by donating something toward the costs.

Park Yoga aims to connect people to the natural outdoors, through a relaxing, energising and breathtaking yoga session, improving wellbeing and creating a positive ripple effect throughout communities. 

Your donations will be used to…

  • Support existing and new Park Yoga sites (things like paying the teacher and buying sound equipment)
  • Help with managing Park Yoga (things like insurance, managing the website and keeping everyone happy)

Gift Aid

Make your donation go further! Gift Aid adds 25% to the value of your donation at no extra cost to you. It lets us claim back the tax you’ve already paid on your donation amount.