Bridport: St Mary’s Playing Fields


Join in the with the free Park Yoga sessions at St Mary’s Playing Fields, Bridport


9.30am – 10.30am every Sunday morning from 5th May to 15th September.

Meet your yoga instructors:


Bridport is my home town, it is where I was born and enjoyed a very free and happy childhood. I also lived in Hertfordshire for many years, working in the IT industry in London, throughout the UK and Europe. In 2015 I returned to live once again in Bridport.

Holistic fitness has been an interest to me throughout my adult life, but it is Yoga I keep returning to because of the benefits to mind, body, and spirit. Because of the deep interest I have in Yoga, I decided to train as a Yoga teacher and studied for three years with the British Wheel of Yoga, successfully completing their 500-hour Yoga Teacher Diploma course. 

During the pandemic lockdowns I delivered Yoga classes via Zoom, which enabled both my students and myself to keep practicing Yoga. It was wonderful to connect in this way, even if it was not in person! There is so much to explore and learn from the rich history and philosophies of Yoga, however it is experienced.

I now teach Hatha Yoga at the wonderful Glow Collective Studio in Bridport and I also teach Chair Yoga with the Bridport based Stepping Out Cancer Rehabilitation Group.

I am very excited to be part of the Park Yoga initiative in Bridport this year and I would love it if you could join me.


I have worked in education and health for the last 30 years and alongside this I have been practicing yoga. I discovered Kundalini yoga in 2003 at a Friday evening class in Bridport and have never looked back. I liked it so much that in 2015 I undertook training to become a Kundalini yoga teacher and have taught in Bridport ever since. I now teach that same Friday evening class that I joined 20 years ago and many of the same students are still attending every week!

Kundalini includes pranayama (breath work), a multitude of enlivening kriyas (yoga routines) and the use of mantras (chanting). Each session also includes a meditation which allows mind and body to reach its full yogic potential. Kundalini has provided me with a firm foundation from which to live my best life and I feel honoured to be able to share it with my students. I’m so grateful to have discovered this rich and interesting discipline.

Kundalini yoga teachings are for everyone and offer scope for all abilities regardless of age or level of fitness. It’s also great fun!


I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years and have taught Hatha Yoga since 2014. I completed the British Wheel of Yoga Level 1 Foundation Course followed by a Level 4 Diploma in Teaching Yoga under the guidance of Angela Ashwin, Exmouth.
I am in the third year of Libby Hinsley’s ‘Anatomy Bites’ programme for qualified teachers who are committed to blending biomechanics with the inner experience of yoga. I also offer my services as trained life coach.

Prior to teaching yoga, I worked as a Town Planner designing spaces that allow for work, rest and play. I have also been a Living Skills Co-ordinator working alongside homeless and adults with learning difficulties, and I was a Freelance Arts Administrator.