In 2018 Park Yoga ran for 1 hour on Sunday mornings, between May and September from four parks; Bournemouth Central Gardens, Lodmoor Country Park in Weymouth, Upton Country Park in Poole and Page Park in South Gloucestershire. The project was funded by the Fine Family Foundation.

Park Yoga in 2018 has been a great success, with extremely large numbers of people taking part across all four parks and overwhelmingly positive feedback. It is clear from the evaluation that Park Yoga offers something different to traditional indoor classes:

  • Park Yoga is inclusive and accessible to a range of people with mixed abilities. The introductory level means people with little experience can take part, and the accessible nature of the project means it attracts a range of age groups and abilities.
  • Park Yoga brings people together to enjoy the outdoors and exercise as a group, which has additional social benefits, particularly for families. It has very few barriers to entry, and it is free, which encourages people to bring their partners or children
  • Park Yoga has significant health and wellbeing benefits, particularly for people experiencing stress, depression or mobility issues. There are additional benefits of doing yoga outdoors, that indoor classes do not offer. For some, the project has been life-changing.
  • Park Yoga has introduced new audiences to yoga and local parks. As a result of Park Yoga, more people are using their local parks and some are joining yoga classes in their local communities. The vast majority are keen to continue next year.